• Amber Leigh Williams


Every morning, I glue the hashtag #amwriting to the forefront of my mind. 2020 feels like the adult version of A Series of Unfortunate Events. Seriously. Only Lemony Snicket could write this mess. Writing has always been a form of therapy. It doesn't matter if I'm writing a shopping list or notes to a loved one. As long as I #amwriting, my brain processes more smoothly. It has A LOT to process these days. Son's music lessons, daughter's horseback-riding, soccer practices, hurricane cleanup, contractors and insurance, homeschool, and those bills, bills, bills... It feels like a lot. It IS a lot. So that's why I #amwriting. Every night after the kids have had at least 57 and a half books read to them and decide it's time to sleep. Every lunch hour while I'm stuffing a PB&J in my mouth. All those infinitesimal moments in between when I'm jotting down notes on napkins and the backs of receipts. If I can get through the end of this year writing, I'm going to make it. Maybe by then I'll have finished half a manuscript or more. Here's hoping it makes sense and is not apocalyptic gibberish 🤞

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